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The real sustainable leather
The Concept Behind

Kind Leather is the result of years of research to develop authentically sustainable leather. By merging concepts such as traceability and clean production, we have presented a new industrialization concept that delivers a more sustainable and transparent value chain, from farm to end product.

This production system, in which the hide is a main source of collagen, means we are able to use only the most desirable parts of surface area to produce leather. With this approach the remaining sections are employed as raw materials in other major industries such as beauty and pharmaceuticals, thus minimizing waste generation.

The unique shape

This results in more efficient use of resources and improved leather quality, while substantially reducing the amount of water, energy and chemicals used. Concurrently, this also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and waste as part of a monitored production chain with end-to-end traceability.

The leather reinovated

Kind Leather is not providing subtle changes, but instead revolutionizing how the industry works. The classical leather making makes room for efficiency, responsibility and accountability, making Kind Leather the greenest approach.

The benefits


Higher productivity in finishing plants and in die press cutting

Higher cutting yeld


Better Ergonomics

Improved working conditions


Up to 43%

Lower global warming potential

Up to 40%

Less human toxicity

Up to 93%

Less waste generated

Up to 62%

Less electrical energy consumed

Up to 40%

Less chemicals consumed

Up to 52%

Lower water consumption

Source: Values referring to the study on Life Cycle Assessment.

The traceability
Every leather has a story

We have a comprehensive leather traceability system capable of tracking hides back to the farm groups where they were sourced from. This system also keeps records of every process, including the chemical inputs, tests, machinery and technical specifications. This information is used internally to support product integrity and allow continuous improvement studies. All Kind Leather products are tanned at facilities that are Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold Rated, with 100% of the hides physically marked and traceable.

As a way to connect customers and supply chain stakeholders to the robust traceability system behind Kind Leather, the easy-to-use JBS360 interface was developed and made freely available. By joining the website (, one can intuitively experience the traceability of our supply chain, from final product back to farms.

The monitoring

In accordance with our public commitments, all processed leather is sourced from farms that:

We have a team of specialists that monitor animal welfare practices using techniques that are constantly being improved based on best market practices. We work together with the cattle growers, understanding that the animals must be properly taken care of along their whole life. For this reason, there are numerous training actions provided for the farmers, such as best practices manuals and animal welfare kits. In addition, investments are frequently made in preparing the loading, transportation, unloading and industrial areas to provide the most suitable conditions.”

“To provide transparency about its actions, the company voluntarily participates in the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), and also has 15 production units certified by the Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO).”

“All actions taken across all company operations are based on policies and principles that respect the five fundamental freedoms defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC):

Be Kind
Sustainability is essential.
Be Kind

A pioneering cattle procurement monitoring system provides daily assessments of all the farms that supply our hides to ensure none are involved in deforestation, invasion of indigenous lands, or environmental conservation areas. Animal welfare is also another major aspect of the responsible sourcing process ingrained in our everyday activities.

By working together with the main stakeholders in the private and public sector, Kind Leather is also comitted to provide structural improvements to allow a better control to all producers.

Our traceability system focuses on product sourcing and safety, and we keep a production record of all processes, inputs and tests carried out to promote ongoing product improvements. This system can also trace leathers back to the farms from which they were sourced. It also offers a complete and highly detailed tracking record to support product integrity, including technical parameters.

The Kind Leather concept presents a new approach to leather processing, where we only use the best parts to produce leather while redirecting less valuable parts to other important industries such as nutrition, health and beauty.

We assess and select the areas that will be processed before the tanning stage according to its fit to the final articles, which helps to reduce the amount of water, energy and chemicals used throughout the process, generating considerable environmental benefits. At the same time, the process produces more consistent and higher quality leather, which substantially reduces the amount of waste produced across all phases of production.

The News & Updates

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